Tag: Javascript

Yup: Validate if the values of two fields are same

Yup is a JavaScript object schema validator and object parser.¬† To check if the values of two fields are same…

How To Detect HTTP Or HTTPS using JavaScript?

location.protocol can be used to detect the protocol that the current site is using. For example:

Rotate elements using Javascript

We will be using the Propeller Javascript library to rotate elements. It supports inertia and stepwise rotation and is also…

Animate spritesheet using Javascript

A sprite sheet is an image file containing several images or sprites. Combining the small images in one big image…

Implementing mouse scroll in slick.js

Slick, the last carousel you’ll ever need, is a great image carousel for Javascript.¬†Like every other carousels, you have a…

Getting started with Polymer 3.0

Polymer 3.0 preview is available to experiment with, until the full, production release of Polymer 3.x. So, let’s get started….

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